4 Spotify Tips for Android and iOS

Hey what's up everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Do any of you readers use Spotify? Seeing as this ever growing program has more and more artists dedicating releases on it I would say yes. Then you may want to pay attention to these four tips for getting the best out of your Spotify membership when using the music streaming app on your mobile device.

Play your station Offline

Whether is was custom created by you and that special someone or you just started listening to it on a whim those Spotify radio stations are perfect for a seemingly endless stream of music. But did you know that whatever playlist or “Mood” you are listening to you can make it available online? Just hit the little switch next to offline when next looking at the playlist and you are good to go.

Play music only Offline

So you have your playlist downloaded, but how do you make sure that you won’t be eating up your data when travelling about with the new AutoPlay feature? Simple, just go into your setting and turn on Offline mode, which restricts playback to tracks that are already downloaded.

Never Run out of Music

If you don’t want to tunes to ever end, then Spotify’s Autoplay feature is just for you. This feature will automatically play songs related to the album, artist or genre that you were listening to, unless you are on offline mode.

Crossfade Songs

Some songs were meant to be enjoyed with a little bit of silence to build tension, but not everyone has time for that. Introducing crossfade, a little setting allowing you to fade tracks in and out. Set your fade duration in the settings and you are on your way to becoming a proper disc jockey!