Apple Pencil

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my computer and consumer electronic blog.  


Today I’d like to talk with you about one of my favourite new accessories I recently bought for my iPad Pro.  I’ve previously used many styles on my tablets, I enjoying creating art on my tablet and using it as part of mixed media pieces, and I was in series need of an update to my stylus and took the leap and purchased the Apple Pencil.  


The iPad screen recognises the pencil being used, and scans the rate in which it recognises movement up to 240 times a second, which is double the rate it scans for your finger.  


When drawing on the iPad Pro, you would press down lightly to get a thin stroke, and press down harder for a thicker stroke.  If you use the side of the pencil's tip, you create a shading action, although depending on the app and the brush chosen within that will depend on the quality of the shading it creates.  



Without much setup the apple pencil works smoothly straight away.  It is automatically linked with the iPad, and to charge the Apple Pencil then you plug the Pencil into the iPad and use the iPad's lightning port.  You can use the stylus to launch apps, navigate, and scroll and write and draw as will any other stylus,  It works through paper, so if you have a picture you want to trace, its possible.  Unlike most styluses the Apple Pencil is weighted to feel like an ordinary pencil so it can be used for prolonged periods of time and is as comfortable as drawing with pen and paper.  


Bottom line, if you have an iPad Pro, love to draw or have some spare cash and are in the look out for a Stylus, I love my Apple Pencil and you will too.