What’s up everyone, how are you all doing today? Welcome back to another post on my computers and electronics blog. On this beautiful spring day I found myself sitting inside playing video games, trying to mod out my Fallout 4 experience as much as possible. Modding has always been a  big thing in video game culture, many top games today like Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike actually started their lives as community made mods. Other games have added in entire modes or story chapters thanks to the community working tirelessly to create something that we can all enjoy. Here are some of the greatest mods that ended up officially in the game.


Survival Mode in Fallout

Most people wouldn’t wander around a post-apocalyptic wasteland with raiders shooting at you from every vantage points and super mutants around every corner and think, well this is easy. Plenty of fans of Bethesda’s nuclear wasteland crawlers did however, adding in a survival mode to both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These mods added difficulties such as stronger enemies, deadlier radiation, ammunition that has a weight and the ability for your companions to bite the dust. Not something I would play, but it’s good to know that there are people who can guide us through the wastes.


Grand Theft Auto First Person Mode

Ever since Grand Theft Auto games have been on the computer there have been mods made so that you could see a first person view of your drunken murderous rampage. With GTA V being released on next gen consoles and PC, this was finally included in the game. GTA V now has a fully sanctioned first person mode that allows you to see the inside of cars, look down the barrel of your rifle and experience a jump off a building in a way not thought possible.

 GTA V First Person Mode