Sony Handheld Gaming Consoles

Hey readers new and old, welcome to my computer and electronics blog. I have been adding to my video game console collection lately with the latest additions all being handheld consoles. As I mentioned in my gameboy post, I almost have all the gameboys excluding a couple early ones, so I have decided to look at the main competitor for gameboy, the Playstation Portable or PSP. I decided to take a look at my favourite website with used video games and consoles for sale ( and found almost every actual PSP released, and all of them were for pretty low prices. Here are my the Playstation Portables that have been added to my collection and where to find them for yourself.


Sony Playstation Portable 1000

The original Sony PSP was released in 2004, and simply named PSP 1000. This name was used as a way to simplify the region coding for games and carried on for the entire series. The system had some great games released on it, and it brokered the way to play more hard core games on a mobile console. There were even survival horror games released for the first PSP, including some Silent Hill and Resident Evil games that were best sellers.

  PSP 1000

PSP 3000

The Playstation Portable 3000 is probably my favourite mobile console Sony has ever released. I used to have a special Darth Vader Edition when I was younger, but it broke long ago. I managed to find myself a used PSP 3000 from but still couldn’t find my beloved Darth Vader Edition. I still have my game collection though, meaning that I spend a good day or two playing Twisted Metal and Siphon Filter. The PSP 3000 was the last true PSP in my eyes, after which the design moved to more of a flip phone style before moving onto the PS Vita.

  Darth Vader PSP 3000

PS Vita

Although the PS Vita isn’t technically a Playstation Portable, it is current portable Playstation console so technically it makes the list. The Vita was special as it was the first Playstation console to allow gamers to download any game that is available for retail purchase straight onto their console from the Playstation store. Physical copies of games are still available, I bought tons of classic used games from as my internet is a bit too slow for downloads. The Playstation Vita almost disappeared half a decade ago, but some strong marketing from Sony has kept it relevant.

  Playstation Vita


What will be Next?

With the Playstation Vita being the last handheld console released by Sony and it being out for four years now, fans are wondering what will be next? Small upgrades have been made since the release of the Playstation 4, but most of those are for using your Vita at home. What will be the next Sony handheld console, and when can we expect it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below for me to look through, I am genuinely interested to hear what you all think. Take it easy, and speak to you again soon.