Why are Survival Games Huge Now?

Hey guys, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Today I am going to be focusing on games, mainly PC games actually. I want to talk about Survival Horror games on the market today, or rather, the increase in amount and quality. Now, before you read this piece I be you to pick up a set of gaming headphones, preferably ones with 7.1 surround. They can be expensive, so buy used if possible. You can http://www.canada.for-sale.com/gaming-headphones to find lots of used headphones online so check that out before reading on! Trust me, the experience with a quality pair of surround sound gaming headphones is worth the wait. Now onto the meat of this post, human meat eating zombie-games.
gaming headphones

Developer Support

I was just browsing the steam store earlier and the new games coming out is insane. There are so many developers focusing large amounts of time on these Survival Horror games, and it seems to be paying off. One of my personal favourites is The Forest, and the developers have been adding constant updates to this game since its release more than 3 years ago. You still can't complete the story as it i till a Steam early access game but the changes are incredible. Caves play a major role in the horror element of this game and have been updated to show this. Once a multilevel long corridor of rooms, caves now have ropes descending to new areas and all eventually meet up. Weapon systems have improved, initially the weapons were two axes but they now include bows, explosives, clubs and even a katana. I am actually waiting to play this game until the next update, as I have explored most of what I can without risking permadeath. This new update should be in a couple weeks and will include updates to the engine, gameplay and graphics which for a small studio of 8 people is very impressive.
the forest

Unique Ideas

One game I unfortunately have not played yet but really want to is Stranded Deep. Stranded Deep took the isolated survival ideas of The Forest and expanded on them, having no enemies other than those you would naturally encounter while stranded at sea (sharks and the like). You can still build housing, boats and even find your missing friend 'Wilson' who you have to carry everywhere. Another well thought up game is the incredibly popular Five Nights at Freddy's, were you take control of a night time security worker for a Chuckie Cheese's clone. The series has expanded to allow further investigation into the secret plot which I will not spoil for you here. Be sure to watch for this in a bundle though, as the plot gets thicker and messier with every new installation of the game. And be careful around that purple guy.
Purple guy 

Bringing in a Strategy Element

The game I have been playing late is none of the ones I have mentioned however. It is more of a typical zombie survival game, but with a large element of strategy while still staying true to its third-person combat style. State of Decay is about a world wide zombie takeover, with the character starting at a mountain top isolated from most people. After making it down the mountain you find yourself meeting up with a group at the local church who you stay with. This becomes your 'House' and you can then upgrade and perform actions for your house. The upgrades you do affect the relationships you can have with your friends and neighbours, the later of which is you are friendly enough with can join your home group. This brings a whole new element to the typical zombie games and later on has you switching from character to character on a daily basis to rest and level up each character. This is a game I don't see myself putting down for a while, although the supposed time limit on missions may catch up to me at some point. 

Bringing Online Gaming into the mix

Another big game that has been breaking records was DayZ, a multiplayer zombie survival game. Players can join in on servers to play with any number of other players, some of whom are usually helpful and most of whom are usually harmful. It can still give some crazy experiences and some very good relationships, and the basic build comes from a mod of a well built game so all the user interface is there for a great game. It even runs on apple so you can use your magic mouse to play which is really handy. Games like this are really breaking the threshold for what makes a good survival horror game and with the great new ones coming out every year it seems to be paying off.