Wireless Speakers for the Bar 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to talk briefly about a little electronics necessity I’ve just stumbled across and naturally I thought I’d share it with you.  Speakers.  Wireless speakers is the solution, though space is the problem. 

As you may or may not know I’ve been building an additional bar on the side of the house for when people drop by.  I’ve kept it nice and simple but all the materials and trim match those of the house so it’s a tidy little extension.  The seating and bar placement is sorted, the computer and cabling is all in, as are the top shelf teasers and the beer tap, which is connected to a small refrigeration unit to ensure cold delivery of the local amber nectar at all times thank you squire.

Wireless Speakers 

The TV is on its way, which will be a breeze as I’ve engineered the perfect location for it just above head height, but at just the right angle for all to enjoy.  All I’m missing now is a spot to put a nice pair of wireless speakers.  There’s nowhere really to put them at a head height level so they’ll have to go up top in the beams somewhere.  I can’t hard wire them, as I’ll likely be moving them round to other rooms if it becomes necessary.  So I’m looking for something that is punchy and offers good clarity to boot.  The bass unit won’t be a problem as I can put that down near the floor out of sight.  All I’m really looking to do is enhance the experience of friends and guests while they’re here, background music essentially, but quality background music if that makes sense?  I know there’s plenty of second hand online options it’s just a matter of choosing which set up to go for.  I’ll keep you posted as always.  Anyway, thanks for dropping by folks, until next time..